Vision Something Different!

RICH Party to Offer Strong Progressive Voice on Vancouver City Council, Fight the Inequalities Perpetuated by our Economic System.

While claiming progressive politics the current government at Vancouver City Hall only serves to enable the ongoing agenda of profit accumulation and corporate greed. Neighborhoods are destroyed in exchange for developer profits; slumlords are given tax breaks in exchange for community gardens, while economic and social violence fill our streets.

With their history of activism and direct action Aaron Spires and Lauren Gill formed the Rent Is Crazy High Party to offer an alternative to the disingenuous and myopic direction provided by the current City Council.

As members of Vancouver City Council – Aaron and Lauren aim to:

  • Fight the ongoing gentrification faced by the Downtown Eastside and preserve the ability of any and all to live in our city regardless of income.
  • Struggle against the daily violence visited upon the women of Vancouver by a system structured to oppress.
  • Protect public services, by ensuring city funds are used to promote public goods rather than line developer’s pockets and promote systemic violence.
  • Provide real long-term solutions to homelessness in Vancouver as opposed to band-aids and numbers games.
  • Build a community where the people who create wealth are the people who control it, rather than cater to real-estate speculators and corporate powers.


With the RICH party on the ballet, the people of Vancouver have a true alternative to an agenda of corporate collaboration, green/home washing, and speculative real-estate development.  The time has come for real change on Vancouver City Council.

Vision Something Different!


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Lauren Gill

Aaron Spires